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Prospect's 2020 Annual Review

An extraordinary year resulted in our staff pulling together and exceeding expectations. Our brand values were put to the test, and we showed that Innovation, Collaboration, Enthusiasm, Professionalism, and Drive aren’t just words in our employee handbook. They are exemplified by our staff every day.

You can access the 2020 Prospect Annual Review by clicking here

The Latest

A gentle looking robot.

Are the robots really coming for your job?

Technology is a source of innovation, revolution, and freedom. It’s hard to imagine a life without social media, search engines, and YouTube cat videos.

Dozens of small diamonds are seen on a reflective surface.
#The Latest

Is perfectionism the biggest barrier to excellence?

Everyone knows a perfectionist – someone who looks at their work and focuses on the smallest flaw rather than the excellence of the whole. It’s a valuable trait when it comes to cutting diamonds, tightrope walking, or neurosurgery. But in day to day work, perfectionism can be a barrier.

Calgary's resilient business awards' logo.
#calgary #resilience

Why we're ecstatic that we didn't win the Calgary Chamber Resilient Business Award

On September 8th we received word that we were not chosen as a finalist in the Calgary Resilient Business Awards. We had entered in the category of RBC Resilient Business Award: SME. (For those of you not up on your acronyms, SME is “Small to Medium Enterprise.”)

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