Services For Job-seekers

Prospect services for job seekers depend on individual barriers to employment. Among other things, we offer employability assessments, service needs assessments, essential skill and limited pre-employment support, career planning, case management services, skill development, direct job placement and retention supports. There is no ‘set’ approach. We will customize a plan for you. To find out which of our programs or services might help you, call 403.273.2822 and ask for our Intake Coordinator.



Our Assessment services help people make informed decisions about jobs and careers they might be suited for and succeed in. Then we help them connect to the right training or education provider and explore funding to attend school. We also provide support through the term of their courses to ensure they are managing school with all other life requirements.

Essential skill development

These programs and services ensure individuals develop the essential workplace skills in demand by employers. We assess individuals to understand their skill gaps and then we connect them to resources, including workshops and career coaching. Prospect has also developed innovative, non-traditional ways of developing skills through art and outdoor activities.

Career, employment and information services

These services can help individuals get a job or further their education and training. Our employment centres have business equipment and computers for independent use. Or job-seekers can work with our staff on employability assessment, resume assistance, interview preparation, or placement assistance. Support to stabilize and retain a job is also available.

Placement and retention

Working with individuals and employers, Prospect staff provide hands-on support to ensure individuals connect to employers and have a successful workforce transition.


The Worx

The Worx provides career and employment services to job seekers with disabilities. Funded by the Government of Alberta, The Worx helps individuals achieve their employment goals through a fully accessible business centre and resources, career coaching and planning support, employment related workshops, Disability Related Employment Support applications, access to training and education, job placement and job retention services.  

Career Links

Funded by the United Way of Calgary and the Government of Alberta, Career Links provides fast-track employment placement and retention services for people with mental health issues, including those who may have concurrent substance abuse disorders.

Disability Employment Services

Prospect’s Disability Employment Services support individuals with developmental disabilities, autism, Asperger’s, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, or brain injuries, enhancing their quality of life through increased workforce participation. Funded by the Government of Alberta, this program focuses on placement and retention supports. It has pioneered innovative approaches in learning employment skills through outdoor activities and art.

Rocky View Employment Services

Rocky View Employment helps residents of the Airdrie/Cochrane areas achieve their employment and career goals. Funded by the Government of Alberta, Rocky View provides career coaching, access to work search resources, assistance with resumes, referrals to training and job placements/matching services.


Forces@WORK is geared to transitioning/retiring members of the Canadian Armed Forces, including the ill and injured, Reserve Force members, and veterans who wish to transition into civilian workplaces. We consulted with veterans and serving members of the military to ensure what we offer is relevant and effective. The program can provide rapid, direct workforce entry with support for the individual and the employer to ensure a stable transition.

Studio C

Studio C offers workplace skill development and placement. Individuals collaborate with employers to create art. Through this experiential learning opportunity individuals develop essential workplace skills while dispelling stereotypes that may be held by employers.


MESH is an initiative to provide integrated service for Calgarians facing complex, interrelated barriers to meeting basic needs, employment and financial stability. MESH stands for Mental health, Employment, Substance abuse, and Housing. Funded by the United Way of Calgary and Area, MESH is a partnership of five leading Calgary organizations. For clients, these five organizations work together as one, minimizing admin and maximizing benefit.


GenA is a youth employment service for the up-and-coming generation of Albertans, aged 18-30. There are a lot of stereotypes about Millennials kicked around in the media. But the truth is the same thing has happened with every generation since generations started having names attached to them. We believe Alberta youth can bring new energy and vitality to any enterprise. And the GenA employment service can give you the guidance and resources you need to jumpstart your career.